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Santiago's Middle School Adventure!

(All cast members as themselves, oh goodie!)

    Eight black clad boys stood standing around a ringing phone, with blank dark expressions on their faces.  It rang and rang and rang.   Finally, on of them piped up, "Will someone answer the damn phone!" "I got it." said a funny looking one. He reached over and picked up the phone. "Hello?" "Hi! How would you like to win a life time supply of clam chowder!" "I told you 400 times, stop calling this number!" He angrily slammed down the phone.  Jack, Truman, Santiago, Andrew, Josh, Corky, Frank, and Scott proceeded to there classes.  

    There they got to witness Mrs. Cryspin screaming at Guirmo  "What the hell is wrong with you!!!  Why can't you all just be good little people!!!  Your so stupid!!!".  "Class please hand in your Spanish Menus." she walked by Scott and picked his up without a problem. Then she came to Josh. "Can I have your menu." Josh handed his menu to her. Upon looking at the front page, she slowly began to pull the menu down, and starred at Josh and Scott. For two minutes, she just starred at them. "Um..." an awkward silence fell over the room. You could hear a pin drop. I know that because I heard a pin drop. Ding!  Santiago rushed to lunch where he met all those people that I don't feel like listing again.  He also met Emeric!  Evil!  "You guys!  Could you stop fighting!  I'm very sensitive!  Pleeeaaassse!"  He said in a whispering tone, while blinking strenuously.  Josh Stein chimed in, "I sent a message to someone but I don't know who.  And I don't know if they got it because I don't know if I sent it.  I don't know if I sent it to someone who I don't know who it will be sent to.    Santiago ignored there pitiful outbursts.  Then the Principle spoke up on the loudspeaker, "Attention!  Cough!  There will be graduation rehearsal tomorrow at 1:00.  And will Andrew Smith report to the main office for hacking the mainframe."  There was a pause.  Everybody stared at Andrew.  "I know!  I know, I know!  I know!" 

    Andrew arrived at the office. "Go into Mr. Delapiano's room." Andrew walked in. "Please sit down." Andrew sat. Mr. D walked up to Andrew and stared him in the face. "Where is the rebel base?" "Um...excuse me?" "Don't lie to me! I know what you are hid-" "Jack!" piped up one of the secretaries, "I told you not to scare the children!" "Sorry." Ring Ring! Mr. D picked up the phone. All of a sudden he shot down in his seat and starred at Andrew. Andrew stood up and looked at the Caller ID. It said, and I quote "Francois, Josue-Jean. 12 Basement Drive" "Are you okay?" "Andrew, I know you hacked the mainframe, just admit it!" "What are you talking about? I never hacked the mainframe!?" "Don't play dumb with me, you stupid Martiniquan. What did you do with the codes!?" "Codes? I don't have any codes." "Give me the codes Natalia! Give them to me!" " name isn't Natalia." "Go back to class."  Andrew lowered his head and slowly walked out of the door back to class.  When he got to class.  An announcement came on, "Will the eighth grade please report outside for graduation exercises.  Everybody went outside and practiced for the graduation the next day.  Everything went well.  The dean spoke, "And near the end of the ceremony we have an award for a special person, for doing a special thing...

    In the basement of the auditorium of Ludlowe, evil was brewing. Mr. Francois sat in his chair, on a microphone, connected to all his minions. "Tomorrow, we shall have our revenge, tomorrow, the school will fall, and there is no one who can stop me! For tomorrow, while it will not be easy, we will victoize, yet for both sides, it will be The Longest Day!"

    Next day, at graduation. While the seventh grade band played pomp and circumstance, the eighth graders marched down the walkway to get their diplomas, unusually disciplined and organized. Then, the shit hit the fan. "Will the class of 2000 please rise in honor of our special guest, Andrew Smith!" All of the students stood, in perfect unity, and with mechanical crunching sounds. Andrew jumped up, gleefully, and smiling like an idiot! He ran on to the stage. "This award, Andrew is for..." Silence fell over the crowd. "HACKING THE MAINFRAME! AND FOR KEEPING IT A SECRET." there was massive booing and jeers from the crowd. Andrew smiled his unhappy smile. He reached over to accept his award with his head down. The Dean grabbed his arm and pulled him close and whispered to him. "And now for my little secret, I hacked the mainframe!" "Nooooooo!" yelled Andrew and then he smacked him across the face. As Andre and the Dean began to fight, there was a loud boom and smoke flew up from in front of the stage. It was Mr. Francois! "And now, my minions, take over the school!" At that, all of the eighth grade students ripped off their skin, and showed that they really were robots! They grabbed their guns, holstered in their backs and began firing. Santiago, and his remaining amigos, quickly jumped into action. "Its morphin' time!"  They turned into the seven clad figures again.  They drew there weapons and fired.  They were overwhelmed by blaster-fire.  They ran to get behind trees.  Santiago took charge, "We have to advance if we want to get into the building."  The seven members ran forward to get into the building.  They successfully destroyed many of the robots.  They began to fall back when Mel Gibson appeared with an old American flag, "Hold the line!  Hold the Line!"  He began waving the flag around as the members let out a rebel yell and charged sending the robots retreating into the building.  Russell Crow appeared dressed like a gladiator, "What we do in life echoes in eternity."  The members ran into the building searching for Mr. Delpiano.  Santiago and Jack ran down the seventh grade hallway, Truman and Scott ran down the 6th grade hallway, Josh and Corky ran to the gym.  And Frank was sent on a solo mission to the auditorium.  Truman and Scott ran into some destroyer droids.  Scott fired all of his rounds having them bounce off their shields.  Truman ducked into a doorway.  "Trinity!!!"  Frank appeared out of a door next to the destroyer droids, "Dodge this."  The destroyer droids flew into the lockers.  The three then proceeded to the gym where there was a large army.  They prepared for combat.  Meanwhile... Andrew slung the dean over his shoulder onto the podium.  The dean jumped and kicked Andrew but Andrew grabbed his foot and twisted him around.  The dean lay on the ground with Andrew over him, "I didn't do it!  It was the Teachers!"  Andrew ran into the building as the faculty surrounded the dean.  "Ah, friends."  "But you said Andrew hacked the mainframe!"  "What do you think Mrs. Coviello?"  "Go class, Go."  And all the teachers pounced on him.  Josh and Corky after having a vicious battle arrived in the main lobby just in time to see Andrew running in.  Scott, Truman, and Frank ran in too.  "Did you find anything." "No." "Well I found a secret tunnel."  "Lets Go!"  Jack, Santiago, Andrew, and Trunan stayed behind to continue to fight the droids.  The four that went off to the tunnel were led down the steps of the auditorium to a dark closet.  In the dark closet another door led down a dark hallway. 

    Scott turned the lights on. Frank slowly began to enter the hall way. All of a sudden, Scott turned the lights off. Frank scurried back to the entrance. "Why the hell did you do that?" "I don't know." Frank turned the lights on again and began to walk in. Corky ran over and turned the lights off. Frank ran back to the entrance. "Damn it! Keep the damn lights on!" Frank turned them on again and began to enter, again. All of a sudden he turned around. "Scott, you enter first now. Then Corky, and then Ill go." Scott entered the hall. He got about half way down, when Josh turned the lights off. All three darted back to the entrance. "All right," said Frank "we'll all go together. Everyone hold hands, on 3. One, two, five! Just checking. One, two, three!" They all ran screaming down the hall. "We made it!" said Corky. All of a sudden, the lights burned out. "DAMN IT SON OF A BITCH CRAP SHIT!" "Simmer down now Frank." Seconds later, emergency lights came on in the basement. And there, standing in the center of the hallway, was Mr. Francois! He was looking down. His head slowly came up. He stared at the boys. His eyes shot open, with that deep, dark stare. The kind that mesmerizes you, the kind that makes you stand still, even if you have to go to the bathroom, and you end up pissing in your pants, man I hate it when that happens. Anyway, it was a deep stare. "All right, we can stop holding hands now." said Corky. The four boys unsheathed their bows (musical ones, not hair ones). Mr. Francois did it too. Then they each did a little karate move to show off their talent. A gong sounded. The fight began. Corky ran at Mr. Francois. Corky's bow wasn't strong, but it was light. He was quick and agile. He was faster than Francois, but his blows did little to no damage. Mr. Francois then said. "I tire of your incompetence, away!" Francois smacked Corky, who fell down, and crawled back to the guys. Next! Frank charged at Mr. Francois. Frank's bow was very strong, but it was too heavy. Frank rarely hit Mr. Francois. Though when he did, it created large amounts of damage. Francois then said "A worthy challenge, though you still have much to learn." He then smacked Frank, who fell, and returned to where the other guys were standing. Scott had two bows that could be used quickly and effectively.  Scott successfully got some good moves off but he was slowly outmaneuvered by the great sword master.  "You can't beat me!"  Scott fell backwards.  Josh grabbed his mother of pearl bow and lunged at Mr. François.  He too was no match for the master.  The four regrouped.  "It's Morphin' Time!"  Mr. Francios Ran down the hallway and into the darkness knowing that all four at once would be a tough fight.  He ran to his secret laboratory with the missiles to destroy the world.  He pressed the launch button and turned to Mr. Delpiano, "Quickly open the silo doors!"  A phone rang, Mr. Delpiano answered it.  "Come on!  We gotta open the Silo Doors!"  Mr. Delpiano had been mind-controled back to the good side and punched the evil dooer.