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Pocahontas- Corky

John Smith-Billy




Powitan- Santiago




In a far away place a long time ago there was and still is a town called London, England. In the seaside part of London the English Company was preparing for their trip to America. They were all boarding the ship with cargo when John Smith arrived.  John smith looked at the ship from the dock before boarding. As John smith boarded the gangplank the crew lined up and started rejoicing, then the whole crew broke into a Congo line and danced around the ship as the ship slowly moved away from port. John smith dropped from the line and ran to the Bow. "I'm the king of the world! He screamed into the sun set. Then the cameraman circled the ship and the Chorus sang, "Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!" And the ship blasted out of sight towards the New World. A while  later on board the S.S. Santiago... The crew had sailed right into a storm because their compass was broken. They were ferociously fighting the storm when a giant tsunami approached the horizon. They battened down the hatches, manned the cannons, dropped the sail, and got washed all the way to Fiji. Unfortunately for them they thought they were in America! They started to sail for the bay. Ratcliff told John Smith and Tomas to scout ahead on the Island. Mean while in Fiji the Powatans were returning from the kill, "Hoogashaka! Hoogashaka! Hoogahoogahoogashaka!." When they returned they announced all of the good news of there victory over the people of Western Samoa.   And their was much rejoicing.  Some time later in the day... Powatan the leader of the Powatans was ready to announce the marriage of Pocahontas his daughter, only his daughter was no-where to be found.  He figured that he could send Niami to look for her. Pocahontas really was far away near a expensive water-fall set. Down in the lake below the waterfall Niamey yelled to Pocahontas, "Pocahontas! Come down here the Powatans have returned from the kill!" Pocahontas immediately appeared at the top of the waterfall and jumped off. She hit a rock. Then another, and another. And many more until she went tumbling into the water only to be sucked under by the waterfall. Several minutes Pocahontas surfaced and ran to her village. There, Powatan was waiting for her. As Powatan announced that Pocahontas was going to marry, Joaquin! "But Father! I don’t love him!" Just then Tomas jumped out of the woods. "What’s this!? A girl being forced to marry against her will!" Then he ran throughout the village with his sword and chopping all the Indians up. "Die!  Die!  Die!   Die! Die!" Then then ran away into the woods. Luckily there was no fatalities in the attack. What’s this? No, I’m sorry. Joaquin was killed! Powatan was infuriated at the new comers. Later when John Smith and Tomas ran back to the fort they said, "I can belive you did that Tom!" "Um, did I do that?" "Never mind" And so they went digging for gold in there new land. Ratcliff told John Smith to go out scouting again. John Smith was in the woods and Ratcliff was digging for gold.  Both John smith and Ratcliff loved then new land as they explored. John smith was exploring a river when he saw Pocahontas on the other side. He raised his gun to shoot at her, but when she turned around. He was stunned by her slowness. "God you’re slow!" And then they talked about the different things, like the ways of there people. Pocahontas tried to teach him some of the different things that she can say in her language. "Ohdoyfidifujdifiljodojfoejcisaijiaon. That means hi." And she taught him much more of her language. She was teaching him when John Smith raised his gun and shot a sloth. "No!" And then Pocahontas broke into song as they ran through the woods, "Like a sloth! Like a sloth! You think I’m an ignorant sloth girl! And you move much faster than me, I guess it must be so. But still I cannot see. If the sloth like one is I, how did you find out that I’m very slow. Very slow! You think they’re on whatever land you land on! That sloths are just a slow thing you cant tame. But I know every slowly moving creature has a life, has a merit, can be tamed!" And on she went. Back at the Powatan village they were planning to spy on the English men’s fort. They were there and there was men digging every where. Then all of a sudden and English dog ran into the woods spotted them and barked madly. The English men grabbed all of their guns and started shooting. The Powatans all ran back to the village. "Uncle Frank! Are you there! There’s many wounded! This isn’t funny!" Then the medicine man appeared. "I sense that these men are evil and they bring weapons that shoot out fire!" "Yeah right!" Later Pocahontas was walking in the cornfields when John Smith. Jumped out. Her friend Niamey was startled. "It’s me, your worse nightmare! Just kidding! It’s me John Smith I’m trying to help find peace among our people." Then Pocahontas and John Smith ran of into the woods to see what grandmother willow had to say Pablo followed. They came to a big willow tree. "Look closely at the tree! It will speak to you!" "I don’t have to insert a quarter or anything?" "Look!" Then John Smith saw thee tree. "Hello! Hello! It’s me grandmother Willow!" "Woah! A talking tree! Do you know what will happen to our people?" "There will be a great war, great war, if you don’t follow your path Pocahontas! Pocahontas!" "Ok?" "John why are your people here anyway?" "They are here for the gold." "We don’t have any gold!" And so they went through the woods. Then they parted. "Ok I’ll see you tomorrow!" "Ok I love you, bye-bye!" Then when John smith ran back to the English men he found out that there were planning a attack on the Indians. He ran to warn the Indians but they captured him claming that he killed Joaquin. They held him hostage to be killed the next morning. Pocahontas ran to grandmother willow crying, "I cut my leg off! Just kidding! They’re going to kill John Smith in the Morning." "You must follow your path Pocahontas!" Then Pocahontas took out the compass that John Smith gave her. She watched it as it spun all around in different directions. Then she put down the magnet. "I just had to do that!" Then it pointed north. She ran in that direction. Mean while the Powatans and the English men were running into battle. The Indians sang, "Hoogashaka! Hoogashaka! Hogahoogahoogashaka!."  And the English men sang, "Sloth people! Sloth people! They’re not even human!" And so the indians met with the English men. They took out their weapons. The Powatans brought John Smith out. "We will kill him!" They cried. Then took the giant mallet of doom and they went up to hit them when Pocahontas appeared and threw her self down on John Smith before the mallet hit him. They immediately stopped. "Father I love him!" "I don’t! I’m going to kill him! Wait. If you love him so much I guess so." Ratcliff yelled, "Now boys it’s our chance." He went to shoot Powatan but the handcuffed John Smith jumped in front of him and got shot. "I shot the sheriff! But I didn’t shoot the deputy!" Only then did the English people see the Evil in him and they all teamed up on him. Then hand cuffed him and threw him off of the giant waterfall. "Banzi! Uh oh! Noooooo!" And he fell to his death. And there was much rejoicing. Later it was time for the Englishmen to leave and all of the Powatans gave them all gifts. "When I say your name if you would please step forward and take your gift. Sam, you got a sprinkler system! Bob, you got a coconut. Ronald, you got a Mr. Coffee." "Yes!" And for John smith they gave him some sap from grandmother willow. "Use it wisely! And never feed it after midnight!" Then there ship set off into the sea. Back to France of China or where-ever.