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Welcome to the most important part of the! Santiago the brave restaurant owner is the
restaurant owner in Fiji. Others on the island are
Jack, Truman, Lego man and Sparrow, Pablo, and Joaquin.

Santiago and his restaurant

Santiago was born in Rhode Island on May 32, 19 something' er other. He
attended Brown University where he got a degree in cooking. Soon, Santiago
gained enough money to go on a tour of the world. The last stop on the way was
the majestic land of Fiji. When Santiago went ashore, he was taken aback by
the beauty of the island. As he ventured inland, he found a turtle named
Pablo. Santiago decided to take the turtle with him, to love and to hold, in
sickness and in, oops sorry. But then, he realized he was going to miss his
ship! Santiago rushed off to the beach only to realize he had missed his
boat. Darn. Well, it happens. Now, Santiago was stranded on the island
of Fiji. Soon, he decided to start a restaurant for all the animals on the
island. He called it, SANTIAGO'S RESTAURANT!!! Soon, Santiago befriended the Natives of Fiji. They elected him to be their leader. He accepted the challenge and after that, Fiji was called, The Santagoistic Republic of Fiji. Over the years Santiago gained many friends, and soon, Fiji was the happiest place on earth. And that, is how it all
started. Read on in the page to find out about Santiago's buddies!


Jack is the ill-fated man that rules by Santiago's
side. He gets squashed, thrown, torn, shot, and
burned (luckily he has a stunt double!).  Jack is a very famous break dancer, entertainer, singer, and humorist. He has many, many shows including his newest occupation. Boxer/wrestler! Jack has been in many of his own films including the Oscar winning film, Jack's Trip to the Alps. Jack's original body form is that of a man however, during some of his singing routines he goes out in the shape of a lunchbox. Unfortunately, in one of Jack's performances, a fan jumped up and grabbed Jack's jaw (the lunchbox jaw, that is.) His jaw tore right off, and his body was wasted. Now, his body and jaw are lying in the official Museum of Fiji. When he does his boxing/wrestling routine, he is in that body of a bulldog lunchbox. 


From the movie The Truman Show. He was retrieved by
Santiago and brought back to Fiji, his dream land, by
Santiago while he was on a tour of the world. His
famous saying..."Fiji is as far as you can go before
you start coming back!" Truman is also Santiago's Vice-President, and one of Santiago's best friends. Some of his favorite hobbies are going to Jack's performances. He really loves the boxing!!

Lego Man and Sparrow

LegoMan and Sparrow are Santiago's semi-trusty
body-guards. They have protected Santiago for many
years. One of their famous moments was when they went
hurling with the helicopter into the active volcano in order to save Santiago. They remain by Santiago for the entire day, each armed with the deadliest weapons the Santiago Arsenal can provide for them.


Pablo is the famous electric turtle that was found in
a nuclear reactor by Santiago. He was born in El Yunque, and was forced to leave after it was destroyed by a fire ball. He
is currently down in the basement of Santiago's
Restaurant eating away at the electronic appliances.  Pablo also is Santiago's side kick who cant talk but can think out loud. He is Santiago's favorite pet, and good friends with the other animals.


Joaquin is the experimental guinea pig that Santiago
found tied to and experimental parachute in a tree. He has been used to test items that could be
hazardous. Unfortunately he DOESN'T have a stunt
double!  He piloted the Titanic during the ill-fated voyage. He has a very important responsibility in Santiago's Restaurante. Joaquin is one of the five members of the Santiago Orchestra. He plays the Bass. He is good friends with Jack, since they're always getting hurt. They have a lot to relate to.


Naomi originally met Santiago on page 115 of the Juntos Spanish book. He was trapped, along with Rufo the dog in a very terrible home, where he was forced to live in the sotano of the evil Juarez! He was saved when Santiago led an army to the house, killed Juarez and freed all the animals, the rest of the animals will be discussed further down this page.


Alberto the fish was one of the many animals who Santiago freed when he invaded the evil land of Juntos. Alberto is a gold fish, who has extra-ordinary powers. He can survive outside of water! You can read more about Alberto on the military page. There, you will learn about his army of Goldfish.


Rufo the dog is one of the animals that was freed on page 115 of the Juntos book. Rufo leads the disciplined unit of dogs who guard Fiji from evil Tylerian units. Rufo is a very brave dog. He has many medals earned in combat during the Tylerionic Wars.


Pilar is the leader of the Rats. The Rats aren't in the military, they're in a unit called the FSIU (Fijian Self-Improvement Unit.) They work for free, building houses, and cities, cleaning up garbage, and doing the things that no one else wants to do. Their housing and clothing and food is all provided by the Fijian government.


Saque, like Pablo was born in El Yunque. And like Pablo, left after the fire ball incident. He leads the parrot squadron. They're the reconnaissance and bombing units. Saque is best friends with Pablo, and joined the Santiago Crew during the Latin American Tour.


The whale that smashes through the hull of the evil Tyler boats.   See the Santiago military page for more about him. He is a very vital part of the Navy because of his ability. He has five feet of concrete instead of a skull, which is why he can smash through the boats.

All Animals and Humans

All people and creatures listed above are apart of Santiago's Cabinet.